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Orion Scientific Suppliers Pvt Ltd was founded in 1993 with motto of serving all type of chemicals as per need of customer, we have more then 200 customer in our list from small Testing Lab to Multinational cos, and we are dealing in more then 30000 chemicals from small quantity of 25 gm to tonnage load Product excellence and consistent delivery of exceptional service quality is the cornerstone for managing our business, both are intrinsic to our goal of customer satisfaction. We are committed to your success and success of our employees and supplier.

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Despite our preoccupation with high purity and controlled specifications we have to accept that there are times when such features really are not needed. For example, for laboratory washing, rinsing and in non-demanding industrial applications.

That's where 'technical grade' comes in. But what, exactly, is 'technical grade'? The name of itself doesn't really describe it.

So in the absence of a defined description here are some examples culled from the internet:

Chemicals that do not have an established standard set for quality and impurity levels or for products where the purity is <90%. Variation in color and physical form is possible

Also known as 'industrial grade', used for commercial or industrial purposes

Technical grade chemicals are less pure than reagent grade chemicals, and are usually used in applications where there are no official standards for impurity levels

Good quality chemical grade used for commercial and industrial purposes

Contains small amounts of other chemicals, hence slightly impure, for example 'technical-grade sulphuric acid'

These products come with a limited specification and are intended for non-critical processes

These products are suitable for non-critical tasks in the laboratory such as rinsing, dissolving or are used as raw materials in production tasks

A grade suitable for general industrial use

It isn't really clear where the use of term 'technical' originated. The Cambridge English Dictionary whilst giving a number of definitions for 'technical' doesn't help to shed light on this subject:

relating to the knowledge, machines, or methods used in science and industry

relating to the knowledge and methods of a particular subject or job

relating to practical skills and methods that are used in a particular activity

Maybe the first description listed above points to the answer, where the purity is less than 90%, in that the material is 'technically' the nominal chemical but that there's also an appreciable amount of other constituents present. By the way, since ROMIL technical grade tends to have a higher purity of 98-99% should we even be describing it as 'technical grade'?

However, it's all relative. Compared to our ultra- and super- high purity grades, these products are our lowest purity offering and bear the minimal specifications. In other words, these are our base 'technical grade' products even though they may be better specified than similarly described products available elsewhere.

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Spectrochem was born in 1984 to meet the challenges of chemistry, our parent company, Scientific & Industrial Supplies Corporation [ SISCO], established in 1946, is one of oldest laboratory chemicals companies in India, SISCO hold an inventory of over 5000 imported products from Sigma, Aldrich, BDH, Fluka, Merck, Koch Light and other reputed manufacturers.

As the pharmaceuticals, agro, life science and biotechnology research in India grew, we increased our range to substitute imported chemicals for analysis and research. Today, we have a range of over 1000 items. Proudly, we state that 90 % of our product range are specialty chemicals, suited for high tech research. We also take pride in the fact that more than 50 % of our product range is unavailable from our local competitor. We export a sizable chunk of our production to fine chemical users and catalough house across the world.

Quality Assurance is perhaps the most critical and demanding parameter in the laboratory chemical industry. We at Spectrochem believe that Quality is not just a concept, but a state of mind. Quality is the way we think, behave and achieve. Our strict in-house Quality Assurance makes it possible for us to achieve the most strict and exacting standards for producing the best high quality chemicals for our demanding customers. The range of equipment at Spectrochem's QAD includes GCs, IR, UV, HPLC, Auto titrators, etc. along with other peripheral and critical instruments required all types of dry & wet analysis. Our QAD & R&D departments constantly work together to develop newer analytical methods for super specialty chemicals developed in-house at Spectrochem. This harmonious collaboration between our various departments has boosted our confidence manifold and we have developed high precision ion Pairing Chromatography (IPC) reagents in-house, beginning from very basic synthesis. The IPC reagents meet or exceed international standards set by renowned worldwide manufacturers.

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