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UK Base High Purity Chemical Manufacturer

base at Cambridge

Founded by Dr Robert Lenk at Shepshed in Leicestershire UK, ROMIL Chemicals Ltd first began to manufacture high quality solvents in 1983, in response to the fast growing HPLC market at that time. Export quickly became an important part of the business resulting in the grant of the prestigious Queen's Award for Export in 1987. A year later saw the appointment of its first international distributor. ISO 9000 quality management registration followed in 1994 and in the same year, the company, now ROMIL Ltd, relocated to Cambridge, a location that has proven to be a natural fit for an innovative, independent manufacturer of premium quality laboratory chemicals. The new base was named 'The Source' because in the same way that a river is at its purest at the source, so should it be for chemical reagents.

The Importance of High Quality

ROMIL can now boast more than 35 years' experience in manufacturing and supplying high purity solvents, acids, reagents and reference materials to countless analytical and life scientists. During that time, the issue of quality in the analytical laboratory has emerged as the common thread that runs through all types of chemical measurement. Analysts have to look critically at their methods and the results obtained from them; are they fit for purpose? Are they in accordance with other laboratories? Are they traceable? Are they valid?

The analytical community itself has been responsible for many of the quality initiatives that have arisen, including recognised quality systems such as ISO 17025, participation in proficiency testing schemes, and ISO Guide 34 certified reference materials in method validation. These all assist the analytical chemist to achieve the ultimate goal of valid results.

Working Together for Quality Results

ROMIL's steady and sustained annual growth can be attributed to a well-established dialogue with its customers; feedback from customers has helped it to establish the purity specifications of future reagents. Now foremost among the top UK companies in its field, ROMIL employs around 35 people, and continues to implement an ambitious and forward-thinking plan to become the leader in the production and supply of high purity reagents.