BEKOlut® SPE – ROBUST & REPRODUCIBLE Solid-phase extraction (SPE)

The QuEChERS sample preparation method for the analysis of pesticides and other organic contaminants in foodstuffs and feed has now become indispensable in laboratories. Going beyond the initial application of sample preparation for the determination of pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables, this method has now become mainstream for an entire series of additional matrices and multi-residue analysis of additional analyte classes as well.

BEKOlut® offers you unmatched, low-cost, premium quality standard extraction kits and sorbents, which make your everyday work easier and save time.


Thanks to consistent high quality and the best prices over the years, BEKOlut® QuEChERS Kits have been established as one of the most used brands in Germany.

Precise weighing and strictly-inspected materials ensure high reproducibility.

BEKOlut® extraction salts are exceptionally pourable; the tubes can be easily opened and completely emptied by one hand.

The color-coded screw caps of the 15 mL centrifuge tubes minimize the risk of mixing-up various PSA mixtures.

The 2 mL tubes are printed with the product name to clearly distinguish the different kits.

Tailor-made special fillings are possible at any time – even in small batches.

Support in application development.

Robusta High Quality HPLC Columns

The Process And Quechers Kits Its Variants

First, the homogenized samples are extracted with acetonitrile and salts. Afterwards, the supernatant organic phase is cleaned using the dispersive SPE technique. Four methods have become established: The original method with 10 or 15 g of sample material, the methods with 10 g as per EN 15662 and the AOAC methods with 15 g of sample material. We offer pre-assembled kits for all of these methods, both for extraction and for the subsequent cleaning step with dispersive SPE.